Aquasense is a moisturising, protecting and comforting system designed for normal to really dry skin types. Innovation and quality are combined in the product’s highly performing formulas of botanical and marine origin, which increase the cell’s natural ability to hold water, thus providing deep and long-lasting hydration. Pamper your skin and enjoy a soft, fresh and uniform complexion all day long.

Our ProductsAquaSense

AquaSense Repairing Face Cream

Thanks to Hyaluronic Acid, with a long-lasting hydrating action, and Codiufill, an innovative complex of marine green seaweeds, this cream reactivates the key factors of beauty….

Intensive Moisturizing Sorbet

This light cream with a smooth texture is a real splash of vitality for your skin. The Codiufill complex – a derivative of green seaweeds with oxygenating and remineralising properties…

AquaSense Moisturizing Face Emulsion

The light and quickly absorbed texture deeply regenerates the skin, protecting it from external aggressive agents. The blend of active principles, including Mayweed and….

AquaSense Alcohol Free Toner

It tones up and provides a wonderful feeling of freshness and comfort to dry and dehydrated skin types. The extracts of Aloe and Mayweed soothe dry and sensitive areas…..

AquaSense Cleansing Milk

Its gentle formula acts quickly leaving the skin clean and free from impurities and make-up. The synergetic combination of Hamamelis, Mayweed, Jojoba, ….